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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a self employed professional providing office support to businesses remotely via email, telephone, fax or post.  VAs are small business owners with the skills of a corporate PA, as well as qualifications and experience gained in a whole range of specialist fields, such as writing, website design, marketing. 

Virtual Assistants are not temps or employees but independent contractors who cater to the needs of the individual, small business or large corporation.  They tailor their services to provide office support to enable the client to focus on core tasks, rather than time consuming administrative chores.  They are professional partners, operating from fully equipped offices, who can provide support on one-off projects or on a long term basis.  Their livelihood depends on their client's satisfaction.

Virtual Assistants have the ability to work independently away from the normal, restrictive, office environment.  Almost every task that can be accomplished in an office can be completed virtually.


Do you need a VA?

If you can answer yes to the following statements then you need a VA:

  • You need extra business support when your workload increases.
  • You need occasional cover for employees on holiday or sick leave.
  • You don't want the cost, commitment or paperwork involved in using an employee.
  • You have periodic or seasonal projects that you don't wish to delegate to a stream of temps.
  • You spend more time on administrative chores than on revenue generating projects.
  • You require only a few hours of support per day, week or month.
  • You need administrative support for your business that is not tied to traditional office hours.
  • You travel and need a contact person who can represent your business in a professional manner.

Still Not Convinced?

Click here to see the Benefits of Using a VA and Cost Comparisons.

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