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PRICES (£ Sterling)

Choose an Hourly Rate depending on the services required

Or simply pay for the services provided as and when you need them

Please view our Terms and Conditons

If you prefer to pay an hourly rate, the following services are charged at

From £20.00 per hour - "straightforward" secretarial services i.e. word processing, administration, research, presentations.

From £17.50 - £25.00 per hour - transcription** (see below for alternative transcription pricing option)
From £20.00 - £25.00 per hour - editorial proofreading, copy editing.
From £25.00 - £30.00 per hour - book-keeping, editorial copy writing, DTP, website design and submission.

Telephone, fax, email, stationery and postage costs will be applied where appropriate at cost.

Urgent Deadlines - if an express service is required with a 24 or 48 hour turnaround, this may be liable to a surcharge.  Please contact us for details.

One page A4 Letter/invoice/statement including envelope £5.00 for first page. £3.00 for subsequent pages
Text documents From £3.75 - £8.00 per page, depending on typed or handwritten oiginal. A per 1,000 word price is also available for longer documents.
Manuscripts & student theses or dissertations
(for documents over 5,000 words)
£8.00 per 1000 words for simple layouts from typed original. 
£7.00 - £8.00 per page for complicated layouts (i.e. appendices, columns, graphs, tables, photos)
£10.00 for 1,000 words from handwritten original. For hourly price see above.
Editorial proofreading / light copy editing

From £20.00 - £25.00 per hour for proofreading, copy editing.

£30.00 per hour for copy writing.

A per page or per 1,000 words price is available depending on the material. Sample pages are needed in order to provide a quote.

** Transcription

From £17.50 - £25.00 per hour depending on the material.

Please contact us for a per audio minute price.

Printing from supplied disk or reprints of previous work £0.50 per page
Extra copies (100gsm paper) £0.25 per page
Extra copies (Conqueror or coloured paper) £0.40 per page
Card / plastic report covers & spiral bound Add £1.50 per item
Coloured printing for all documents Add £0.50 per page
One copy of work on 3.5" floppy disks or CD £1.50 per floppy & £4.00 per CD
CVs / Resumes. 

Conqueror paper (white, cream, grey)
includes A4 envelope

£5.00 for first page.  £3.00 for subsequent pages (for straightforward re-typing of original)
£35.00 - Package 1(inc 10 copies)
£50.00 - Package 2 (inc 10 copies, disk)
£75.00 - Package 3 (inc 10 copies, disk, & email submission to job websites)
£1.00 per set up to 3 page original
Individual cover letter - £5.00 per letter from your original or £9.00 per letter if we compose
Speculative letters - £8.00 for 10 originals from your original and £12.00 if we compose
Bulk fax (same fax to each number)
Bulk fax (individually addressed)
10p per fax
25p per fax (50p per fax if printed copy required)
Plus the cost of ALL telephone calls (invoiced separately when tel a/c received)
+ £2.50 per hour for time fax line is occupied
PPT Presentations £2.50 - £5.00 per slide plus cost of acetate if printed copy required
Mail shots (same letter to each address)
For all bulk mailings, postage & stationery costs must be paid in advance
50p per letter includes printing plus 
30p per letter includes folding, stuffing, sealing, stamping and posting - but not postage costs.
Database initial set up
Data entry (max. 9 fields).  Quotes for data entry for more than 9 fields, available on request.
Subsequent updates or editing existing records
Printouts charged per page 
£60 set up charges
£40 per 100 entries

£0.50 per entry

Website Design, Maintenance 
and Submission Packages

Package 1 £400 - Basic Website Design up to 5 pages (text only, no e-commerce, photos, databases), any amendments / revisions for up to 6 months. Extra pages will be quoted separately.   Includes re-writing of meta tags.  Two submissions to major search engines & directories at six monthly intervals.
Package 2 £250 - Editing & Submission Service checking existing website design, spelling, grammar, validity of links, appearance in different browsers.  Two submissions to major search engines & directories at six monthly intervals.
Package 3 £50 - per quarter for submissions to major search engines.  Research into appropriate web business directories and submission.  Quarterly submission recommended for first year and then every six months from then on.
Package 4 - £100 - One page website and a one-off submission to major search engines only.
Or please contact us for a quote if the service you need is not listed.

Separate website copy writing and submission services - £30.00 per hour

If you prefer an all-in price for a job, or the service you need is not listed above, please let us have your requirements and we will be happy to provide a quotation.  Prices are subject to change without notice.
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1485 543746  email

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