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Below is a selection of client testimonials to enable you to judge the high quality of my services.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Irene Boston for fifteen years, first while she was my PA and ran the Burman office and latterly as a client of her "Virtual" service.  My experience of working with Irene is wholly positive. She always and without fail does what she undertakes to do, and within the time span she estimates. I have always felt completely secure in leaving her to deal with clients, suppliers and my accounts; she has never let me down. She has charm coupled with professional assertiveness, an ideal combination for effective business. In practical execution she is intelligent, numerate, professional, well trained and accurate.  I have every confidence in recommending her service." Gordon Brace, Burman Associates

"We have utilized the various services of Irene Boston (IBSS), regularly over the past five years.  She has always proved to be very efficient, knowledgeable, and cost effective, and is an extremely useful ally in today's business world."
Marie Holloway, MH Telemarketing

"Since 2003 it has been my pleasure to have had my work typed, filed and emailed by Irene Boston Secretarial Services. Irene has provided an efficient and a thoughtful service during all that time. She always sends a personal letter with the typed work for my approval. She informs when her holiday dates are due so that I am kept up to date as regards the availability of her service. She has taken the interest to make suggested alterations when my work has fallen short of the desired grammar and in the general flow of my work, so that it has been like having a proof reader as well as having a secretary. That has kept me on my toes and I like to think that her guidance has improved my writing during our association. It certainly has improved my confidence when submitting my work for publication. I hope my connection with Irene will continue for many years to come as I know I would have to search a long way to find a better service for my needs." Ted Diprose, Writer

"Since IB Secretarial services have been handling my web site submissions and promotions, my business over the internet has trebled!  IBSS are thorough, reliable and most of all cost effective." Patrick Armstrong

"We employed Irene on the recommendation of one of our suppliers to raise the profile of our website. I have found her service to be efficient and informative.  Irene Boston has helped us expand our presence on the World Wide Web. This in turn has increased traffic to our website and therefore increased sales enquiries. We found her service to be efficient and informative and easy to understand as she speaks plain English not ‘techno jargon’. We felt our money well spent with her as we paid her by the hour and never felt ‘short changed’.  We can highly recommend her to small companies needing assistance with using the WWW to its full potential."  Jeremy Green, Custard Events

"Irene Boston has done an incredible job in transcribing over a year's worth of audio diaries from the 2013-14 drawdown of NATO in Afghanistan. Very accurate, the result is a superb example of transcribing at its best, understanding the nuance of the author, cutting through inconsistencies and repetitions so that the script reads well, in an ordered fashion, laid out in a very accessible way. She is particularly good at annotating where she is unsure, allowing the reader to clarify; this has been invaluable in this instance. I would very strongly recommend her Services to anyone who needs a transcript. Lieutenant General Richard Nugee CVO CBE"

"It's an absolute pleasure working with Irene Boston. I am incredibly impressed by her speed, accuracy, quality, attention to detail, and professionalism, not to mention her friendliness and humour. This would be enough, but she is also extremely flexible and willing to bend over backwards to accommodate the changing needs of academic research projects as they develop. She offers by far the best transcription service I've found, and I trust her implicitly." Dr Andy Williams, Cardiff University

"Irene Boston is a fantastic example of all that is good about the internet. We've never met, are based miles apart, and yet Irene has become a fundamental element in one of our most important client events. Having disastrously attempted transcription of a 2 hour round table discussion in house, it became immediately apparent that professional help was required. Irene has now provided this service over multiple events often having to deal with speakers for whom English is not their first language. Her accuracy, but also honesty when a word is inaudible and subsequent notation has been invaluable. As a mark of Irene's helpful character, on the one occasion she was unable to perform our transcription due to holiday, rather than leaving us high and dry she nominated a fellow professional to help us out. Stephen Frater, Fast Web Media

"Irene Boston has easily provided the best transcription service we have ever used. Her transcriptions of our audio files were second to none, she produced them exactly to our specifications and was able to deal with regional accents, multiple interviewees and technical language with ease. She always kept us up to date with any issues she encountered with the recordings and has been thorough, fast and reliable. We will definitely use her service again and will happily recommend her to others." Claire Quinn, University of Leeds

"LJL Ltd have used Irene extensively, she has coped with our bad quality tapes with patience and understanding and helped us improve and obtain even better results over time. She is very flexible and copes with deadlines brilliantly. In addition she has coped with much technical language and produced faultless spelling and understanding. I would recommend her absolutely." Alison Lambert, Onswitch

"Irene Boston is the answer to my prayers. Faced with wading through reams of recording, stopping and starting, getting confused and exasperated I searched for help. Irene's calm and reassuring manner, even in her online communications, soon had me sorted. The ability to send her audio files via an excellent file transfer system means our communication is a doddle. Her service is highly efficient and provides outstanding value for money. I'll not be going anywhere else for my transcribing". Bill Andrews, Human Givens Institute

"Irene Boston provides by far the best transcription service I have encountered. The accuracy and clarity of her work coupled with speed of turnaround and a very friendly manner mean that I will definitely be using her services again. Thoroughly recommended." Dr John Jewell, Cardiff University.

"I would thoroughly recommend Irene's transcription service. She gave us very clear guidance as to how to best record our research interviews and focus groups, and was extremely efficient and quick in transcribing our discs, even when the focus groups had many different voices and accents. The quality of the transcription was excellent, with impressive transcription of technical terms and jargon and a confidential service. I would thoroughly recommend her". Holly John, Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley

"Irene Boston has been working with the LSE Complexity Research Group for over 7 years. She transcribes all our taped research interviews, workshops and other meetings. She is accurate yet quick and has always responded when we have needed something in a hurry. The layout is easy to work with and the speakers are identified as precisely as the recording allows. When she is in doubt she consults with us instead of going ahead with something that we may not want. She has worked closely with us and has learned our ways of working very quickly. Irene is very thoughtful and lets us know well in advance if she is taking a holiday. Overall we have been very happy with her work. Over the years the Group has used several transcribers and I can say with confidence that Irene's work has been the most accurate and reliable." Complexity Group, LSE

"I was delighted with IB Secretarial Services. I asked Irene to transcribe a solid 20 hours of interviews in two weeks, on just a few days notice and was very impressed with her efficiency and flexibility as interview times kept getting moved. I would gladly recommend her services to any colleague." Laure Wilhelm

"I had not used transcription services before but the prospect of typing up 5 hours worth of interviews for my MA dissertation had me hitting the search engines... I have been delighted with the service I received from Irene; prompt, accurate and friendly. I would recommend Irene's services without hesitation - worth every single penny!" Geoff Shaw, Oxford Brookes University

"After several years of struggling with my own transcriptions, thinking there wasn't the funding for transcription, I finally came up against a project which really needed too much transcription for me to handle. I turned to a transcription service and found Irene Boston, which was an absolute revelation. The speed and accuracy were wonderful and the transcriptions were everything I needed for my consultancy projects involving focus groups and interviews. I'm very impressed with the service and will use it again, it's certainly worth it. Irene Boston knows what she's doing, is very professional and can concentrate on the job in hand, which is much more than I can claim when I'm trying to do transcriptions myself! I feel I've found a real help to my workload if I need it." Erica Ander, Museum and Heritage Consultant

"As a novice researcher, I can't thank Irene enough for her advice and support. She always responded swiftly to my emails and has produced first rate transcriptions from some truly dire recordings. Irene delivered, as promised, an efficient and professional service; her good humour and encouragement along the way were a delightful bonus." Caroline Kennedy, King's College, London

"I just wanted to say thank-you very much for a fantastic transcription service. It was fast, professional, friendly and offered great value for money. The end result was a set of clear and accurate transcriptions. I really could not have asked for anything more. If I ever need similar work doing in the future I will not hesitate in contacting you". Benjamin Green, University of Leeds

"Irene Boston's Transcription services have been invaluable to me in my research for my doctoral thesis. Irene provides excellent and easy to use instructions for uploading recordings to be transcribed. Irene copes well with local dialect, regional accents and unfamiliar terminology used during interviews and she provides an exceptionally quick turnaround of transcripts, with any issues requiring clarification clearly identified. As a Chief Executive of a busy professional organisation, the service provided by Irene Boston has enabled me to carry out my research with little disruption to my staff. I would recommend Irene Boston to anyone requiring transcription services as I can only make positive comments about the service I have received." Adrian Kerr, Brighton University

"I'm very pleased with the standard that you've provided. As well as accuracy, they offer a good flavour of the interviewees' way of talking. I certainly hope that we can use your services again on future projects." Alex Fenton, University of Cambridge

"This is the first time I have used an online transcription service and I can only say that I have been thoroughly satisfied with Irene's service. Without hesitation I would recommend her to anybody considering using her services. It has been a delight working with her. I found the service reliable, efficient, accurate, always on time and very helpful. Thanks Irene!"
Catherine J Hunt, Glasgow Caledonain University

"Irene has provided an excellent service in transcribing some poor quality tapes with difficult accents to a very high standard, and within a short time frame. I would recommend her without reservation and will be using her for departmental work in the future."
Fiona Nolan, University College London

"We have been delighted with the prompt and efficient transcription service offered by Irene Boston over the past few years. The accuracy and quality of the transcription makes proof reading very easy with impressive transcription of technical terms and jargon, together with a confidential service. On the one occasion she was unable to perform our transcription due to holiday commitment, rather than leaving us high and dry, she nominated a fellow professional to help us out. We will definitely use her services in the future and happily recommend her to others."
Ann Clutton, TRL

"An exceptional service - fast, accurate and reliable. Irene's transcriptions were close to perfect and needed only minmal checking. A dream service for any researcher or journalist." Les Back, University of London

"We used Irene Boston's services on a long term project transcribing handwritten diaries. We found her to be professional, literate and efficient, producing an excellent quality of work and always adhering to deadlines. Irene understood the brief straight away even though it was by no means straightforward and was always willing to help out when pages were needed in a hurry. I knew, from the beginning of our working relationship, that to Irene the word "confidential" meant just that, and of course to me and my client that was extremely important. Her knowledge of a diverse range of subjects was a major contributing factor to the excellence of the work. This meant that many of the literary and linguistic allusions from the diaries were understood and attributed correctly. I couldn't have received this service from an "ordinary" secretarial bureau." Anne Hardy, Jordan UK

"I found Irene's service invaluable. Conducting research means that time is very precious and not having to think about transcription was one less thing to worry about. Irene was so flexible and transcribed each interview within a few days of receiving it even though my timetable was constantly changing. In addition, all transcriptions were highly accurate and did not require any amendments by me." Rosie, professional doctorate student

"Irene Boston has transcribed scores of interviews for the 'Living Words' project here at Woking Galleries. She is accurate, she is fast and she is consistent in her layout and general approach. Ms Boston has also proved flexible enough to deal with interviews coming to her in various formats. We have been very pleased with the work she has done for us, and would have no hesitation in recommending her services." Rib Davis, Woking Galleries

"I have found Irene Boston to be the most efficient and conscientious transcriber of often complicated interviews, and would recommend her friendly and helpful services very highly indeed. I have been using her skills over several years." Nomi Rowe, writer

"I am very happy with the services provided by Irene Boston in connection with the book I am currently writing. The transcriptions she has supplied arrive promptly, are accurate and well laid-out, and have enabled me to progress much faster than I was doing before I got in touch with her." Elaine Morgan, Author.

"The transcription task we needed doing was quite unusual; a two-hour poetic commentary of a dance performance, and unfortunately the quality of our recording was quite poor. Irene did a fantastic job, listening with care and managing to transcribe difficult vocabulary and turns of phrase. She kept us informed of progress throughout, clearly negotiating costs and making sure our expectations were realistic in advance of doing the work. As a small arts organisation with limited budgets this was very important to us. We felt we got excellent value for money and a very high quality transcription." Lisa Haskel, Media Arts Projects

"Irene provided an excellent service. It was easy to upload the files and the transcriptions were emailed to me in a short space of time. The transcriptions are perfect and I have had to make no corrections. Using the service has saved me such a lot of time, as it would have been a nightmare to do the transcriptions myself. The service was just what I needed - straightforward, efficient and good value for money." Sarah Hurter, King's College London

"We have found the service provided by IB Transcription Services to be of an excellent quality. Although the audio-tapes we submitted were of a variable quality, the transcripts were extremely accurate. One thing that particularly impressed us with this service was the efforts made to accommodate our changing needs and to minimise the turn-around time. I would, and have, recommended this service to others and fully intend to use it again on future projects". Judy Swift, University of Nottingham

"I have only recently started using IB Transcription Services, but I'm already very impressed with Irene's professionalism, efficiency and reliability. Irene has done a wonderful job at transcribing the most indecipherable names, places and phrases and has provided completed transcripts with the utmost accuracy. I will be definitely utilising Irene's skills in all future transcription work". Dr Sharon Lockyer, Brunel University

"We have used Irene Boston's transcription services a number of times and will rely on her for any future transcription needs. She offers an excellent service providing us with a high level of quality and efficiency, always managing to fit us into her schedule whatever the deadline and working with us to improve our output. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending IB Transcription services." Emma Kane, IPA Events

"Irene has provided an excellent service in transcribing some poor quality tapes with difficult accents to a very high standard, and within a short time frame. I would recommend her without reservation and will be using her for departmental work in the future." Fiona Nolan, University College London

"I have used Irene Boston’s services several times, to help clear a backlog of taped interviews that needed to be transcribed. I have found her to be invariably reliable, efficient, accurate, intelligent and helpful, and I have no hesitation in recommending her". Richard Askwith, author

"I've engaged Irene Boston Transcription Services a number of times now on high profile events and I've always been very pleased with the accuracy, presentation and timeliness of the work done for us. I will again knowing that it would be in safe hands". Ian Lee-Emery, Headlight

"Your efficiency has been a great help in enabling me to turn round this project very speedily".
Dominic Byrne, The Bigger Picture

"This was the first time that I have used this firm. I can wholeheartily recommend the personal and efficient service that I received." Nicholas Brown, Berkson & Berkson Solicitors

"Irene Boston has provided my business with editing and writing services for the past few years and I have found her services invaluable.  She is professional, efficient and prompt with a willingness to think about my business as a whole.  She has a great understanding of my writing style, making sure that each article is honed to suit the particular market it is aimed at and isn't afraid to query a particular statement and suggest improvements or additions." W. Hearn, Business and Personal Coach

"I have been using Irene Boston Secretarial Services for just under a year. I wish I had found Irene earlier! The quality of service Irene provides is excellent. She has always responded flexibly to my changing deadlines. What I really value is the contribution that Irene has made to my business. Effectively, proof reading my own work can be problematic when I am working to tight deadlines.  Having Irene do this for me means that I have a professional take a second look at my reports, saving me valuable time." O. Amoh, Chartered Occupational Psychologist & Coach

"When I decided to write a book about my cancer experiences, I didn't take into account editing. This would be my responsibility as I was initially self publishing. A friend read a few chapters and told me I needed to get it professionally edited. After Irene Boston copy edited the whole book, my friend told me that it was so much better, it looked good, it read well and it hadn't lost any of my personal touch. I am now talking to publishers and a film company about the book. I am now on my second book and will be using Irene to copy edit that as well." Sean Boru, Actor, writer, comic

"Irene Boston provided a professional flexible and friendly service that was extremely supportive at that stressful time when my thesis needed proofreading and correcting for grammar and spelling errors. I warmly recommend IBSS". Dr John Rees, Sheffield Hallam University

"Irene has helped me so much in the last year. English is not my first language and a good standard of English language is essential for my MA studies. Although I can express myself verbally without any problem, my essays need extra attention. Her proofreading has put me in the position where I do not have to worry if I have got some English expression wrong or if my spelling was incorrect. Therefore I can concentrate on the main task of my essays leaving Irene to do a "cosmetic."  Slavica Savic, Student

"I have just used Irene Boston for the first time, but it will by no means be the last. I have found her to be fast, efficient and
friendly, and I trust her judgement completely. I look forward to sending her all my future work to be proofread and copy edited, and would recommend her in the highest terms to anyone considering using her services". Nina Martin (author).

"I used Irene Boston's services for proof reading my Phd Thesis in Public Health. I had quite a tight deadline to work to. Because of Irene's efficiency and reliability I was able to meet my deadline for submitting the thesis. She was a pleasure to work with." Dr Alfred Banya, Lewisham PCT

"I would like to thank you for all your hard work, flexible response andpatience when dealing with us and our changing deadlines. Thank you for your great work - our website would not be as good and I am really pleased with you work and contribution you made to help us meet our demanding deadlines". Pavica Barr, BT


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