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Benefits of using a VA?
  • A VA offers businesses a full range of office support services at a fraction of the true cost of a temp or employee.
  • A VA can perform time-consuming admin chores enabling you to concentrate on core tasks or on expanding your business.
  • A VA can provide business support without invading the privacy of your home.
People who start a small business inevitably handle all aspects of the business themselves.  At some point, businesses reach the stage where more time is spent on administration than on generating income.  A VA can assist on an 'as-needed' basis to relieve this burden.

A VA can ensure that the small business based at home has access to the same office support system as a large company - without adding to the payroll.  Whereas a temp is employed by an agency, the VA works with you.  If you employ a succession of temps you will have to train each one to follow your own working methods.

VAs can provide a presence in a foreign country for international companies.  Use a VA abroad and you have a mailing address and a phone number without the overheads involved in setting up an office.  The VA is an offshore office - from address to accent.

IBSS can relieve you of the paperwork, time, commitment and expense of establishing, equipping and running an office.  If you use our services, there are no extras to pay for.  We don't expect you to provide us with employee benefits, holidays, overtime, sick pay, bonuses, training, pensions, overtime or even lunch breaks! 

You simply pay for the services provided or hours worked


Cost comparisons
The services of a VA are extremely cost effective when compared to the real cost of hiring a temp or an employee, which includes the overheads of running an office, employee taxes, insurance, benefits and the cost of recruitment.

  • You pay only for the hours worked or services provided
  • No need to buy additional office equipment
  • No computer training necessary
  • Works only when you need a particular service
  • No extra office space required 
  • No loss of privacy
  • Parting is painless without the legal responsibilities associated with an employee
    • You must pay employer PAYE
    • You must pay taxes and National Insurance
    • You may have to pay private health insurance
    • You may have to pay pension contributions
    • You have to pay holiday pay, sick pay, as well as offering lunch hours, coffee breaks
    • You must spend time and money on training
    • You may have to deal with personality conflicts
    • You must comply with any legal responsibilities such as company and employee policies for minimum wage, hours, sickness, pension, benefits, performance reviews, grievances, discrimination, terminations and training
    • You have to employ someone to administer the above - or spend valuable time doing it yourself
    Please view my Testimonials page to see how other clients have taken advantage of virtual working.
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