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Become a Virtual Assistant

First let me make it clear that IB Secretarial Services is NOT hiring Virtual Assistants.  If you are new to the business, you will find that each VA is nearly always a sole proprietor of his/her business.  I am happy to pass on enquiries which I can't handle to fellow VAs who are already in business and whom I know already, but I am not an agency.  Each Virtual Assistant must make their own way as a self employed independent contractor.  So, sending me your CV and asking for any jobs is NOT going to result in any work!

Starting a secretarial services business is not a quick route to riches.  Far from it!  You must be absolutely certain that being self employed will suit you, both your personality and your income expectations. It takes a lot of effort, skill, persistence and time to launch a business like this and to make it successful.  There are no short cuts, no magic solutions and for every successful business, there must be dozens that don't make it past the first year.  It may sound brutal but it's not just a matter of having a PC at home and thinking you'd like to become a VA.  You must be prepared to become a businesswoman or businessman first and foremost. 

There is no substitute for doing research into the viability of your business, both on the web and locally.  You will come across a number of sites which offer assistance and resources to Virtual Assistants. 

STAFFCENTRIX - providers of tools and support to create or maintain a virtual assistant business serving small businesses and home offices

IVAA  - International Virtual Assistants Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional education and development of members of the Virtual Assistance profession.

Virtual Business Group - an international networking community of Virtual Assistants.

AssistU - trains, coaches, and refers virtual assistants, administrative personnel who work from home while supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners

IAVOA  - International Association of Virtual Office Assistants.


Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants

a Free Directory of UK Virtual Assistants, searchable by county or by skills

Co-founders Di Chapman Irene Boston and Jo Johnston

However, please note, we are NOT a training agency for potential or start-up VAs.  The community aspect of AUKVA is aimed mainly at supporting established VAs who are already in business, not those who only work part time as a VA. 

If you have a website and would like to be listed under your county and by your key skills, please visit our site.  We aim to raise the awareness of Virtual Assisting in the UK and offer a free directory entry to UK Virtual Assistants.  Please note: if you do NOT have a website, you will not be eligible for membership. 

You may find these articles of interest, originally published during 2000 in Virtually Speaking, the newsletter of AVS

A Virtual Solution


A new series of books, A Career in Virtual Assisting, written by Karen Wilson-Dooley

Book Series on Virtual Assisting

A three-volume book series dedicated to providing you with everything you could possibly need to know in order to start and manage your own Virtual Assistance business. The comprehensive series is a great resource for anyone who is seriously looking for a way to set up and manage a sound online or offline business, learn the ins and outs of successful marketing, and develop products and services that will keep your clients coming back time after time! 

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